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New pictures are added to the photos section with the new lineup!. Also DARK CENTURY will be part of the Trailer Thrash Fest this summer, check out the events section for more infos.

DARK CENTURY a Friday 13! Montreal @ Foufounnes Électriques with Death Lullaby + Hollow + Outlive the Dead + Canceric.
15$ / 18+

Dark Century / Murder Motel is now available on Itunes.
Also our fist album for the old school: Days of the Mosh.

DARK CENTURY / Murder Motel (2014) : click here

DARK CENTURY / Days of the Mosh (2009): click here

Dark Century would like welcome it's two newest members: Shayne O'brien on vocals and Dominic Tremblay on lead guitars. Check out our new version of Murder Motel. Download it for free and enjoy!

Dark Century live lineup:
Alexis Serré - Drums / Dominic Tremblay – Guitar / Shayne O'brien– Vocals / Tommy Beliveau – Bass / Martin Gendreau – Guitar

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We are extremely pround to announce our nomination for the best metal album of the year on the 2014 GAMIQ (

New lineup will be annonced soon

Leather King announced his departure from the vocalist duties in Dark Century.

'''My leaving is one of a mutual agreement between the band and I.
But it's okay, 'cause I think the Force of the Bacon still grows strong in this one, so the band shall press forward as it will.

Dear friends and fans, I thank you all sincerely each and every one of you for supporting me during my journey in Dark Century.

My memories in Dark Century are that of very awesome and extremely fun, from 2010 to 2014, those cool memories I will keep and so it shall remain."

New show is added, DARK CENTURY With POTION 13 and
Wishmaster. September 27 at Brownsburg-Chatham.

Don't miss our latest review of MURDER MOTEL.
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Here is a review of our album Murder Motel by Ondes Chocs!
Take a look: Here

We are proud to announce our participation in Wacken Metal Battle Canada. Encourage us to represent Canada at the Wacken Open Air in Germany!

New album, new lineup and new website! After a whole year of concocting the sauce on our second album, it's finally here! We’re launching ‘MURDER MOTEL’ on Friday April 18, 2014.

The band will now be performing with the new lineup: Leather King / vocals, Martin Gendreau / Rhythm guitar, Erik Fernet-Evans /
Lead guitar, Tommy Beliveau / Bass and Alexis Serré / Drums.

New website: enjoy the new look with a taste of Murder Motel. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.